After your position has been opened, you’ll be able to view details about your position like:


This is the total profit/loss you would earn by closing the position. The PNL value includes things like fees, so your PNL will usually be slightly negative when first opened to account for the fee paid to open the position.

On Vortex, PNL is calculated based on value, not amount. For example, let’s say you open a long on SEI-USDC with 1 SEI as your margin deposit, and when you close your position, you end up with exactly 2 SEI. Let’s also assume the price of SEI increases from 100 USDC to 200 USDC between the time you opened and closed the position. In this case, your PNL will actually be 300% since the value of the SEI was 100 USDC when the position was opened, and 400 USDC when the position was closed.

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