What is Vortex Protocol

Overview of Vortex Protocol

Welcome to Vortex Protocol!

Vortex Protocol is a decentralized derivates exchange for IBC chains built on Sei Network. Vortex offers many of the same features that centralized exchanges provide (borrow lending, cross-collateral, and cross-margining) but as a permissionless and decentralized protocol.

Why Vortex?

🌊 Perpetual Futures: Vortex offers deep liquidity for perpetual futures markets with up to 10x leverage on select markets

📊 Decentralized Orderbook: Vortex is built with Sei Network's fully decentralized on-chain limit orderbook, providing traders with the ultimate DeFi trading experience.

🏦 Cross-Collateral: Users can deposit multiple supported tokens as collateral for their positions, saving on swap fees.

💵 Cross-Margin: Leverage is supported across all positions under a single trading account, allowing for maximum capital efficiency

⚛️ IBC interoperability: Vortex is built to unite the Cosmos ecosystem with a central trading hub.

Built on Sei Network

⬇️ Low Fees

⛏ MEV Protection

⚡️ Instant Transactions

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