Frequently Asked Questions

How is Vortex Different from other DEXs?

Vortex offers a comprehensive and performant decentralized trading experience. Most DEXs utilize a virtual automated market-maker (VAMM) instead of an orderbook due to blockchain transaction throughput limitations or offer an off-chain orderbook solution ran on a centralized server. Vortex is able to offer a truly decentralized orderbook experience for the Cosmos thanks to Sei Network's on-chain matching system.

What can I trade on Vortex?

Vortex will offer Perpetual Futures at launch.

How can I earn passive yield?

All Deposits in the protocol automatically earn passive APY by providing utility to Vortex's borrow lending pool.

What is Sei Network?

Sei is the orderbook L1 blockchain that Vortex is built on. It is a fully decentralized, high performance, orderbook chain optimized for DeFi.

Which collaterals does Vortex Accept?

Vortex will offer cross-collateral utility, which means you can deposit any of the supported IBC tokens and use them as your collateral. We plan on increasing the number of supported collateral tokens over time.

Will there be more markets listed?

Vortex is built to scale quickly and has the ability to support any token in the Cosmos ecosystem. The protocol will first start with a roll out of the most popular markets. Join our discord to make request for markets.

How much leverage will be available?

Vortex will initially offer up to 10x leverage.

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